Fire Resistance vs. Fire Retardant
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Fire Resistance vs. Fire RetardantExpand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, April 09, 2009 9:47 AM

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As regards to Green Building which one is established?  When building-out the infrastructure, meeting the standards and needs for fire rating what type of materials are to be used?

Fire Resistance:
A property of a material or assembly of materials that can withstand combustion and delay the passage of flame for some know period of time.

Fire Retardant:
Any substance added to delay the start of fire ignition or to slow the spread of flame by the burning material.

Fire Resistant

FRTW (Fire-Retardant Treated Wood)

Both meet Class A

-Kevin J


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Posted Monday, November 21, 2011 6:37 AM
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It has got resistance to fire momentarily (by adding fillers in PVC compound) at the cost of decreasing in insulation properties (viz. Volume resistivity, ageing properties) by at least 10% comparing to normal PVC. Moreover its conductor temperature withstanding capability (during overload) remains only at 70 deg C same as ordinary PVC cables.

Flame Retardant Low Smoke
FRLS IS 694: 1990.
PVC has got fire retardant properties due to its halogen content. The fire in the gets extinguished immediately on removal of the fire source. In the modern power, Chemical, fertilizer and cement plant many PVC cables are bunched in the cable shaft or on cable trays. In case of fire in these cables the fire becomes self-sustaining. Moreover due to the burning of PVC a dense corrosive smoke is emitted which makes fire fighting very difficult, due to poor visibility and toxic nature of the smoke. HCL content of the smoke, not only damages other costly equipment lying near by, but also penetrates the RCC and corrodes the steel reinforcement. Due to this there is an extensive damage to the property.

To overcome these deficiencies FRLS i.e. Fire Retardant Low Smoke PVC was developed. If required, we can provide Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) PVC inner sheath and/or outer sheath. This PVC compound, apart from meeting the requirements of Type ST2 as per IS-5831, has got better fire retardant properties and it emits lower smoke and acid fumes When it catches fire (For more information please refer our catalogue on FRLS cables).

FRLS has special flame retardant, low smoke emitting and toxic fumes suppressing properties, in addition to the properties required by IS 694: 1990.

In the Case of fire, convectional PVC insulated wires give out thick black smoke and toxic fumes of hydrochloric acid gas. This impairs visibility and hampers rescues operations. Xtra- Guard on the contrary, not only emits very little smoke and toxic gases, but also retards the spreading of fire. It is thus ideal of concealed and conduit wiring in multi-storied high rise buildings such as hotels, banks, hospitals, factories, commercial complexes and residential apartments, etc.

In continuation to a series of premium products by RR KABEL since last three years, the company is proud to add another feather in its cap by introducing an exceptionally quality product with wonderful features for the Indian market.

Why FS Cables???
The presently available products and developments are at the stage when people started converting from Aluminium to solid copper cables to flexible wiring and latest to unilay conductor technology. In insulation VIR/CTS were replaced by deadly PVC which emits dense black smoke on fire. An improvement was sought with FRLS range and HFFR (ZERO HALOGEN) cables certainly relieved the users to some extent. Still the lights went off under fire conditions.

Main property is
1.Circuit integrity test as per IEC 331/ BS 6387- CAT. C: cables are subjected to fire at 750 deg C for 3 Hrs. with electricity flowing through it.

energy conservation
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Posted Thursday, June 28, 2012 1:23 PM
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Posted Saturday, June 15, 2013 7:34 PM
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